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ASM Liquor Pty Ltd wishes to advise that it has reached a mutual agreement with Beam Suntory to cease the distribution of ASM’s products in Australia.

From Saturday September 5th 2015, ASM will begin selling and distributing Vodka O, Tequila Blu and VDKA 6100, in our own right. After this date our brands will no longer be sold and distributed by Beam Suntory’s distribution partner, Coca-Cola Amatil.

For sales and distribution inquiries for Vodka O, Tequila Blu and VDKA 6100, please contact the ASM Sales Support Team at our Sydney office on (02) 9692 0008 or email us at


Inspired by the favourite drink recipes of our founders, we’ve mixed our award winning pure VODKA O™ and sparkling water with real fruit juices, herbs and spice flavours to create a new range of four imaginatively crafted VODKA O™ premixed drinks.


Vodka O pre-mixed drinks are made using the best possible ingredients – no artificial flavours – no artificial colours – no gluten – no lactose – and they have less sugar and fizz than most other premixed drinks and ciders.

Vodka O Strawberry

Strawberry, Cranberry & A Hint Of Basil

A juicy mix of strawberry, cranberry and basil – we have balanced tartness with sweetness to create a super smooth finish. Berry good.

Vodka O Pear

Pear With A Hint Of Vanilla

This inspired combo of sweet pear is expertly matched with subtle hints of vanilla to make this the perfect thirst quencher, all year round.

Vodka O Pineapple

Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint

An infusion of pineapple, cucumber and mint, this combination is summer in a bottle. Ideal for a sweet and refreshing tipple.

Vodka O Apple

Apple, Ginger &


Sweet and crisp red apple tones are balanced with refreshing ginger and a lovely spice finish.

All things nice.


Without blowing our own trumpet, our vodka is Australia’s third best selling vodka… and it’s because we’re made of the good stuff.

If you’re after detailed nutritional information please email

All Natural Vodka O

All Natural

Our products are made using the best possible ingredients… That means no gluten, no sugar (in our Full Bottle Spirit), no nasty additives, no artificial flavours or colours.

Super Pure Vodka

Super Pure

Our unique vodka base is made using fresh whey in New Zealand. This ensures a super low impurity count and extra smoothness.

Lower Cal Vodka

Lower Cal

We test all of our products at the National Measurement Institute and we know that VODKA O ready-to-drink cocktails have 28%* less sugar than our competitors.

Award Winning final Vodka


Recently a research company** taste-tested VODKA O against other leading vodka brands and we came up on top! We also won GOLD again at the 2015 World Spirit Awards.

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Some friends of Vodka O have been getting creative in the kitchen with these ‘better for you’ Vodka O drink creations, and they’re all under 110 cals per 330ml serve. Get mixing!

Vodka O Blueberry


Muddle 1 shot Vodka O, 1 lime wedge, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1/2 cup fresh blueberries and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with mint. Recipe thanks to @helena_marieee @vikki_leigh

Vodka O Coconut


Mix 1 shot Vodka O with fresh coconut water, fresh strawberries and ice. Garnish with mint. Recipe thanks to @zachmilne.

Vodka O Pineapple


Blend 1 shot Vodka O, 6 chunks fresh pineapple, 1 sachet stevia, pineapple flavoured coconut water and ice. Top with soda and garnish with mint. Recipe thanks to @chloemorello.

Vodka O Guava


Mix 1 shot Vodka O with 100 mls guava juice and top with soda. Pour over ice and garnish with fresh raspberries. Recipe thanks to @pegasusunicorn.



The Vodka O™ story is a classic ‘David versus Goliath’ tale.

In true grassroots fashion, we bottled our first batch of VODKA O™ in an old mechanic’s garage in Sydney in 2003. Fast forward 10 years and we’re proud to have become the 3rd bestselling vodka in Australia. We’re Australian made and owned (although we get a little help from our Kiwi mates along the way).


We have always adopted a ‘never say die’ mentality and we don’t rest until we’ve created the best possible products … we call it our ‘Passion for Purity.’


It took several years of blood, sweat and tears (plus lots of research and taste-testing) before the perfect VODKA O™ recipe was achieved. We found that the smoothest, most impurity free vodka was 100% whey-based vodka, three times distilled and four times filtered (twice through carbon). We still make our vodka base this way, from seasonal cow’s whey in New Zealand. This process produces an exceptional vodka that is very pure and free from almost all impurities. It’s also gluten, sugar and lactose free.


In 2004, armed with absolute faith in the taste and quality of our Vodka we went door-to-door, hand selling and delivering VODKA O™ from the back of a combi van persuading license-holders to stock VODKA O™ and convincing vodka drinkers (through constant taste-testing against our competition) that our vodka was the best.

Vodka O BottleOur dedication helped build an army of loyal brand evangelists who all shared the VODKA O™ discovery call and helped propel us forward. We are forever grateful to our early VODKA O™ devotees. These days VODKA O™ can be purchased in almost every bottle shop in Australia.


10 years on, still using the same pure vodka base, our brand continues to evolve. This time we are injecting life into the vodka premix market with our new imaginatively crafted and inspired artisan premixed drinks.


With the same energy and enthusiasm that we had in 2003, VODKA O™ continues to grow. We have more announcements and surprises set for coming months; but we can assure you, we will never tamper with our famous award winning vodka recipe and we won’t lose our Passion for Purity.


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